James Arnold Wood

A biography about James ‘Jim’ Wood.
Died on June 14, 2018.


James Arnold Wood

Jim was born in Seattle on May 8, 1950, to Wm. and Charlet Wood. His childhood years were spent in Ketchikan, and Anchorage, Alaska, moved to Bellevue in 1962, and graduated from Sammamish High School in 1968. He proudly served 3 Naval tours of duty in Vietnam aboard ammunition ships USNS Kilauea and USNS Sacramento as a radioman. In DaNang during ship transfer he volunteered with a PBR group, going upriver. He was a 100% disabled Veteran.

Jim graduated computer and sales training schools and headed companies in Heat Recovery, Video Game Sales, and ‘Norwesting’ Boating Magazine.

Owner of Nordic Tug “Why Knot” from 1996-2015, Jim obtained a Captain’s license, did a lot of Northwest cruising (fishing/crabbing), the subject of humorous stories published monthly and in 3 books. “Jim Wood possesses a gift for finding meaning in the mundane, beauty in the commonplace, and adventure in ordinary things. His insights help readers appreciate their own experiences from a fresh and interesting perspective.”

Business took him to Portland where he reconnected with Gamewardens Vietnam to Present. They have one of the only operational PBR boats which is displayed at Northwest festivals, parades, and on the water. Their mission is to reach out to fellow Veterans and welcome them home. Jim was also a member of Post 3436, VFW, Issaquah.

While in the hospital, Jim had a visitation that changed his outlook on life and what follows (there are Angels among us). He shared his story as often as he could, and was baptized on May 12, 2018.

Jim’s health trials turned into his testimony because he never gave up!
He is survived by his wife of 39 years, Barbara, son John Carlson, daughter Cathy (Ken) Gulezian, brother Tom (Marlene) Wood, and 5 grandchildren. Jim joins his son David Wood.