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Unit Description

Gamewarden’s Association NW Chapter

The Gamewarden Association’s NW Chapter membership is composed mostly of Combat Veterans who served in the Brown Water Navy of Task Force 116. The unit, originally developed during and for the Vietnam War has continued in support of today’s Riverine Naval Units stood up after September 11, 2001. Task Force 116 was the most highly decorated Naval Unit of the Vietnam War and their daring accomplishments, grit and service is still studied today by our current brown water sailors.

Our Name was given to us by the Pentagon / Department of the Navy in 1966

The organization is a 501 C-19 – Veterans Association with five other regional branches across our great nation.

·       Participate in Parades

·       Perform Escort Duty for US Naval Ships

·       Support other 501’s and Reunion Friendly Partners

·       Support Patrol Craft Restoration Projects

·       Educate the public of our work / garner new friendships

·       Maintain & Operate the last 32 Ft. MKII PBR in the US Navy inventory

·       Celebrate our Sailors, Soldiers and Marines serving on the rivers, canals and backwater battlefields of today



Mail Location:

North West Chapter Game Wardens Association

P.O. Box 970

Sumner, WA 98390

Boat Space/club location:

1595 N. National Ave

Chehalis, WA 98532


President: Steven Sumrall

Vice President: Peter Lahmann


Secretary Treasurer: Robert Brower